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Picture of Mark Bosworth at Down East Woodcarver's Art Show
Down East Woodcarving & Wildlife Art Show; Wells, Maine (Fall 1996)
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  • Custom Woodcarving - Chainsaw & Ice Sculpture
    Pyrography (woodburning) - Graphic Designs

    Decorative, Collectables, Relief and in the round...
    All my creations are "Hand-Crafted Originals" that have been capturing many
    top awards at virtually every arts and woodcrafting show that I have entered...

    I am currently a proud member of the following:
    ~ Affiliated Woodcarvers of America ~
    ~ The International Woodcarvers Congress ~
    ~ New England Woodcarver's Association ~
    ~The National Wood Carvers Association~
    Home of CHIP CHATS magazine.

    Woodcarving picture of a horse called The Royal Equine
    This piece is called "The Royal Equine" carved in Butternut...
    Multiple first place winner in various events.$2600

    Don't go yet, here are a just a few carving photos from my new Sample Gallery.
    Just Click On A Thumbnail Picture Below.
    "The Creation Of Man"
    1993 sugarpine 9"base
    "Big Cat Suprize"*
    1996 wht cedar/ blk walnut 10"$2500*
    "Trumpeting Elephant"*
    1994 peach seed w/base 3"$350*
    "Wanting For Homeland"
    1996 Blk walnut 36"$9500
    Here is a sneak preview of a few more of my creations.
    Please take a look if you have a minute!
    Young lion 9"$2500*
    Unicorn 11"$1300
    Show Booth
    Valentine birds

    Holy Family 4"$350*
    Santas Prayer$650
    Capt& Nubble Lt*

    Descending Wt.tail$850
    Indian 36"$9500
    20's Flapper$2300
    Majestic Whitetail$1500*
    Lion & Me$650
    Ch.Saw Bear$350*
    Cedar Rose$350*

    Note~All carvings with an (*) beside it have been sold.~

    ~More Fine Carvings~

    Some Icy-CooL Carvings

    **New** "One Horse Open Sleigh 1999"... (ice sculpture 9ft.L xm4ft.H)...(~NEW YEAR1999/Winter Wonderland~) Dec.1998/Jan.1999...

    **New** "Precious Moments"... (ice sculpture 4ft)...(~Happy Valentine Day...Say It with a kiss~) Feb,1999...

    **New** "First KNIGHT of 1998"... (ice sculpture 7ft)...(~NEW YEAR1998~) Dec.1997/Jan.1998...

    **New** "Love Birds"... (ice sculpture 3ft)...(~Happy Valentine Day...Say I luv you~) Feb,1997...

    The Halloween Squash

    This beautiful sqash I call "Masquerade 2000"

    Keene Pumpkin Fest 2000 set a ~New World Record~ with over 23,000 carved pumpkins lining the streets this year.

    **New**Greatful Dead Fans
    **New** "DEAD WEDDING"... All Design & Artwork by Mark Bosworth, A truly one of a kind piece.(sold)

    **New** "Make My Day"... side1 (This dude is "smokin", skeleton with machine gun) Oct.2000...

    **New** "Harvest Dance"...Carving Contest Winner WYRY Oldies 98.7 FM (A Fiddler plays for a spirited Sprite*~pixy~*)

    *** "A Pumpkin Jipsy"... side1 (She'll steel your heart if you let her) Oct.1997...

    *** "Carving a Jack-o-Lantern"... side2 (A master at work) Oct.1997...

    ~ Pumpkinfest 1998 ~
    ~ 1998 Winner ~
    WYRY HOT~Country 104.9 FM
    Pumpkin Carving Contest
    "The Great Pumpkin Festival of Keene, NH"
    Can you imagin 17,693 carved & lit-up pumpkins all in one place?

    It Was Absolutely Incredible

    Fine Woodcarvings

    **New** "Pixy~Moon Dance"... (a spirited winged creature carved in mahogany-12") soldDec.1997...

    **New** "A Pritty One Fer Sure"... (cute Lop-eared rabbit~sugar pine 6") $550.oo May,1997...

    "Dromidary Leisure"...(camel carved in red cedar 4") sold Dec.1994...

    "Beholding A Miricle"...(The holy Family~in basswood 4-1/2") sold Dec.1994...

    "An Interupted Snack"...(mouse & mushroom in white pine~6"long) NFS Dec.1994...

    "The Sea Captain"...(Aye matey,I'm white pine, the gull-tupelo 6-1/2 ft.) sold Aug.1994...

    ~another picture of the captain~

    "Great Scott"...(Have brush will travel ~caricature~in sugar pine 6") NFS Dec.1996...

    "Close Encounters"...(bunting child w/ walrus pup ~in tupelo 3-1/2") NFS Aug.1995...

    "The Caribou Slide"...(Polar tots down hill fun~in tupelo 5") NFS Aug.1996...

    "Stylized Trout"...(White pine,butternut,red cedar,walnut 7") NFS Apr.1996...

    "Affectionate Tangles"...(Family of foxes~lifesize in maple) $6500.ooSept.1995...


    "Wild turkeys"...(A hen and her young 10"x 12") sold 1997...

    "Valentine"...(Not just puppy luv 7"x9") sold Feb.1997...

    Woodcarving called Scouting Days
    "Scouting Days"(memories we cherish),
    This sculpture was completed Jn.1997
    carved in tupelo and painted with acrylic gouache.
    This piece stands about 7-1/2" tall.

    Many people have been amazed at the detail I put into my carvings, especialy
    my miniatures. Here is another miniature sample of a peach pit carving titled

    "In The Midst Of Heaven"

    ...And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel
    to preach unto them that dwell on the earth,... Saying with a loud voice, Fear God,
    and give glory to Him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him
    that made heaven, and earth, and the sea... Rev.14:6-7

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    ** A special thank you ~Rick~ for the long hours and the many helps in the building of this webpage.**

    banner art by Mark Bosworth

    The Artist
    ... Mark Richard Bosworth ...(photo)
    72 Twichell St.
    Athol, Massachusetts 01331

    For more information or to place an order please send e-mail to: bosart@gis.net.

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