By Mark R Bosworth

"bring your trophy back to life"

My dad's first deer at age 16,1948...and a whitetail princess 1991

...two of my favorite deer mounts ,..I recaped and remounted my dads first whitetail a beautiful 12 pionter and this princess doe harvested by a friend of mine...

  As an artist, wood carver, taxidermist, Mark Bosworth brings you a little taste of the wilds of New England.   I live and have grown up in north central Massachusetts, known as the North Quabbin regon all my life.   

  Having grown up close to hunting and fishing, I early on gained a great appriceation and respect for Gods creation, the out of doors and wildlife that surounds us. I have enjoyed counless hours just watching or filming,(or sometimes trying to film),the nature and fasinating wildlife around my home area.

  My adventures afield I believe have lent themself greatly to the "quality taxidermy and artwork" I have done.    I have had the priveledge to mount, some of the areas finest whitetail deer. Though not all are trophies by B&C or P&Y standards, Massachusetts does produces some outstanding whitetail deer every year, in both antler growth 125+B&C and body weights of 200+lbs dressed. A few lucky hunters every year take home what I would call a real wallhanger from the "bay state",as Massachusetts is known as.

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If you have comments, questions or suggestions, email me at bosart@tiac.net

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