Hi there traveler and
My name is Mark Bosworth and this here's "My Family" page


flock of geese

The Bosworth Clan

Welcome to the homestead where your shure to find good folks, good grub, and great times
with some real foot stompin heel klickin get down turn around muziac!!...Just don't you
be forgettin yer maners...cuz somebody's always a watchin you...specialy the children.
SO go on now, shake the dust off and enjoy yer visit OK.

Ya just gutz ta have a wee bit-o fun now and then...but best be a watchin yer step in here,
cuz this here's my family ya be messin widd..ya hear?


Don'ts ya go a
touchin nuttin
that ain't yurz
with out askin
Just make yerself
at home....But
don't ya be fillin
yer pockets fer
the road.
My Clan-Photo         

Well I reckon
If"n ya plans ta
be a settin fer
a spec, ya pitch
in yer share
of the chores.

You can start
with the wood
pile round back

                     .....WHOA RIGHT THERE TRAVELER.....
...or ya might be a joinin these two fellas doin the shakey bone shuffle...

   ...See what I mean, I told ya we was goin ta have sum fun here...

Howdy pardner,    My name is Hawkeye Willy, toughest meanest
sharpest shootin buck in these here Eastern woodlands ,and You-ud best
be identify'n yerself afore ya be gitten any closer...The BOY can shoot
the eye off a knat from over a hundred yard away...fly'n!!!   He's a
sharp-un fer sure!
...awh hey I wuz just a joshin ya a bit...  About
my name that is, already told ya who I wuz up the top, but who ya gona
So...hmmm, where wuz I,...O-yah This heres My Family.
If'n ya be lookin just behide me there standin tis my pertty wyfe
Wendy Lou youl'd be fixen yer eyes on, five times more woman
than most can reason ,yeseree. En she-d be a holdin the newest of our clan
sweet little "Emily Mae", best not ta be a fixin yer eyes there too long...
Beside me to my right is my oldest daughter Jennifer Marie, pertiest
little lass this side of the Mississippi.   Afact she gots more energy than
a colony of ants in a row of sugar cane.  To my left if'n ya had'nt
noticed is MY WINCHESTER,...ya readin me pardner?
Then afront of me firs-un tis me secund one.  This uns my little book
learnin school gal "Bethany Jean", smart as a whip en twyce as sweet.
Just might be a writin her a book some day...Then theres my Boy, ayut
"Devan Andrew", Ya Almost met my boy already, and woulda if ya didn't
hold up. He's ah my best Buddy.  Runs like a deer, climbs trees faster
than a squerrel, and a good-un with a-rithmatic too.   I'm tellin yuh
he can cal-cu-late just where ta be a holdin fer a shot fired at noon,
ta bring down a goose flyin in bafore dark!   Now thats a good shootin.

.....Well pardner thats my family....Well sure tis a lot more to tell,
but I jus think we'll save it fer another settin, if'n thats alright by you.
Oh YA the dog...aint no sence in ya meetin him right now,...best he get used
to yer scent fer a cuple days I reccon.    He aint been takin to kindly
strangers as of late.    I guess he aint much on first impres-she-ons.
Afact boy and the dog,(we just call him Mange...I'm talkin about the
dog here), they make a perty good team.  Kinda ex-plains where them
skeletons come from.    Awh, now don't you fret nun, them two's just a
cuple of compe-u-tier sales type folks flashin their city slicken smarts
where they just hadn't ott ta.   ...Ya see the boy tells it like
this,"They cums through the gate cari'n sum kinda satchl called a lap-top
so he says, when one of them fellers pulls outsome kinda flashin thang pionts
it at my boy's new puppy and PooF-FLASH the pup runs off kye-yien
hidin neath the shed.   Afore my boy could say "wacha go en do that
fer" there's his puppy apearin on the inside of this mans satchl.
   Twas then he called for old Mange."  I guess you can
figure the rest from here.    Ain't seen that puppy sence no neither.

"So... did I tell ya about My WINCHESTER?- Yah - I thank I did".

   Now you just relax and enjoy yer visit, and stay just as long
as you wish and DO sign my GUESTBOOK.   Might I suggest
you set yerself here a BOOKMARK as we're gona be addin lots of critters
and fixin up the homestead real regular like.

Lots more outstanding goods fer ya all ta see and read comin up...
.....Ya All Come Back Now , Alright.....


La..la-de dum... ta dum de-dum dum de dum hmm-m-hmmm :-)
Would ya care to d a n c e sweetheart?
I'm not talkin ta you... Ya Old prickly bearded coot...hmmph

...by the way look what these workers just dug up...

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